‘The Amazing Race 24’ team spotlight: Will Margie & Luke finally get the win?

The Amazing Race -When you talk about the most memorable teams ever on “The Amazing Race” over the years, you have to put Margie & Luke on the list. They are two of the most competitive people out there, they have an inspirational angle, and they also actually cause quite a bit of drama. For a team featuring the race’s only deaf contestant ever, you would think that they would not be so polarizing.

So are they deserving of a third shot at the grand prize? We’ll put it this way. If you were making a list of teams who absolutely should play a third time, it makes sense to have them among the group. However, we’re a little bit more torn, given that we’re not really that stoked to see either Jet & Cord or Flight Time & Big Easy on the show this time around, either. They’ve all already had this experience, and it would have been very interesting to see some other good teams come back. (For the mother / son angle, how about Toni & Dallas?)

Now that we’ve said all that, let’s get to discussing what they do bring to the table … and our full prediction for them will be at the very bottom.

Names – Margie O’Donnell & Luke Adams

“Amazing Race” history – 3rd place in season 14, and then 8th place during “Unfinished Business” after a tea incident gone terribly awry.

Claim to fame – Obviously, Luke being the first deaf racer ever is a big part of it, but you also have Margie going into complete beast mode during much of her first season, and proving to be one of the strongest female racers ever who had more on her shoulders than just about anyone. Of course, you also do have to recall the infamous fights with Kisha & Jen that they had during their first go-around, where emotions on both sides got out of hand at a pit stop.

Strengths – These two obviously know each other very well, and that should allow them to be better when it comes to performing many of the tasks on the show that require you to make quick decisions. They also have the experience in traveling the world, and know at least two of the other teams already. Everyone is going to know who Margie & Luke are, and if they are recognized somewhere around the world, that could help them.

Weaknesses – The biggest one that we see is just that Luke tends to get rattled easily, and then he gets so emotional that he loses sight of the task at hand. That is what seemed to doom them during the second go-around, and there were little hiccups of it along the way in both seasons. They also don’t usually get along with everyone, and their claim in the video below that they want to run their own race is not going to help that at all. Also, they will be a target as a three-time player. Maybe not so much as the Cowboys or the Globetrotters, but it will happen.

Prediction – They may last a leg or two into the race, but we really cannot see Margie & Luke doing that well their third time around. Everyone else has experience, and many of them have raced more recently and have it fresher in their mind. Plus, they are a flawed team in that if they get behind, they are going to have a harder time catching up than some of the more physical pairs out there. We’d be very surprised if they are still around for the finale.

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Photo: CBS

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