‘Beauty and the Beast’ season 2, episode 14 review: Cat, Gabe, Vincent, and complications

Beauty and the Beast -After watching Monday night’s “Beauty and the Beast” episode, there is only one comment that comes to mind: Cat is really just wasting her time when it comes to Gabe as a boyfriend.

That is really meant as no offensive to Gabe at all. Since he stopped being a beast, we rather like him, and he seems to be a pretty good person. As a matter of fact, almost every single little thing that he said in here makes perfect sense. It’s one thing to have an ex-boyfriend in your life, and it’s something altogether if this same guy is consistently trying to win you back. If we were Gabe, we wouldn’t want to have that around constantly interfering with our relationship.

But, at the same time, we as fans don’t ever want to see Cat and Vincent not being involved in one another’s lives. That was Gabe’s demand at the end of the episode, and in a bizarre way related to the story. It didn’t even make sense given how much Cat’s job has required Vincent’s help as of late.

This entire episode was a pretty exciting one, but when it comes to matters that are unrelated to relationships, we don’t really know just how much actually happened. We were afraid for a while that we were going to see Gabe become a beast again, but Sam is still out there. Not only that, but Gabe’s whole “fake funeral” plan lasted about five minutes. (We’re speaking metaphorically here.) The biggest issue that we had with this one was that this character repeatedly did and said things that were so illogical for someone in his position that it was distracting … and Gabe is at times supposed to be the most level-headed of the entire gang.

Now, the long and tedious wait for new episodes to come back. Grade: B-.

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Photo: The CW

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