‘Almost Human’ episode 11 review: Dorian and Rudy learn about trust

Last week’s episode of “Almost Human” was a little confusing for most fans, because we had John Kennex back on those little red pills that we haven’t seen him taking since the beginning of the show. This is likely because this episode was aired out of order and we probably won’t see John struggling with his memories and those pills on this new episode tonight, so it’s almost best to put that episode out of your mind as we move forward.

Tonight’s episode of “Almost Human” was all about trust. While Dorian is charging at Rudy’s place, he decides to access Dorian’s mainframe and in there he finds a loop of a boy, playing with a toy train. Dorian wakes up and is not impressed that Rudy was fooling around inside his mind without permission, but Rudy is more concerned about what he’s seen.

When detective Paul takes a leave of absence and wants to keep his whereabouts private, Kennex has fun at his expense by making up a variety of different reasons that he is gone, with the number one reason being a variety of different (and embarrassing) surgeries (really he’s taken his mom to Mexico for her birthday). Dorian thinks that Kennex is over stepping his boundaries, saying that it’s an invasion of privacy, but clearly he’s still upset over Rudy probing his mainframe while he was asleep. Whatever Rudy did, it’s caused flashes in Dorian’s mind of the boy and he reveals to Kennex that the flashes of the boy were of Dorian as a child, which he knows is impossible.

When Dorian goes back to talk to Rudy about the images flashing in his head, Rudy admits to him that when he was decommissioned he used to wake Dorian up to hang out with him. They would have deep discussions about all sorts of things, but Rudy erased the files after he learned that Dorian was going to be brought back onto the force and thinks that he missed the files of the boy which were likely part of a discussion. At least this is what he tells Dorian.

Later Kennex finds out that Rudy lied to Dorian about the files of the boy saying that they are actual human memories inserted into Dorian’s system by someone. Kennex wants to tell Dorian, but Rudy convinces him to keep it to himself until they find out who planted these memories and why.

It was great to have an episode that focused more on Dorian and giving him a bit of a mystery to solve about himself instead of it only being about Kennex. We hope to continue to learn more about this mystery going forward, just like we want to see more of Kennex and his search for what happened the day his team was ambushed. Episode Grade: B

What did you think of tonight’s episode of “Almost Human”? Are you worried that this show isn’t going to be renewed for a second season? Leave us a comment below.

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