‘The Walking Dead’ season 4, episode 10 review: What is Terminus, and who returned?

More news -There was so much story stuffed into one episode of “The Walking Dead” Sunday night, that we’re left at the end of it wishing that there were really more than 16 episodes in a season. It’s either that or we wish that the first half showed less of the Governor, so we could get to some of this sooner and have a little bit more time to deal with it.

Daryl and Beth – They managed to go on a collision course destroying all sorts of zombies left and right, and the real source of information came courtesy of Beth’s journal entries, where she informed us of everything that has been happening in her world.

Tyreese – Judith’s alive! Carol’s back! This is the storyline that really allowed us an opportunity to find out some more information on what is going on. We also learned in here that Terminus could potentially be a destination place for so many of the characters, since it serves as a potential safe haven. (Then again, we’re trusting a guy after he was bitten; is that a good idea?)

Maggie, Bob, and Sasha – The biggest revelation here was mostly on Maggie’s part, as she learned that Glenn was not aboard the bus … and that the rest of the sick people on board are seemingly dead.

Glenn – Glenn basically became the “Walking Dead” RoboCop in here courtesy of an awesome suit, and then proceeded to take part in an extremely awesome chase sequence. Also, he found who is apparently the last remaining survivor of Team Governor, who was really willing to die for her sins helping the man out until he showed up.

All in all, this was a thoroughly engaging episode of the show, even if some parts of the story mattered more than others. Surprisingly, Tyreese and the children was the most enthralling to watch.

But, as good as it all was, the best shocker of all was saved for the end: Abraham and company are here! One line in, and Michael Cudlitz is already amazing. Grade: A-.

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Photo: AMC

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