ABC’s ‘Castle’ season 6, episode 15 preview: See Nathan Fillion, Stana Katic, and a song debate

Castle and Beckett -It is a debate that just about every couple goes through and experiences, and it will also be one that is front and center of the new episode of “Castle” Monday night: Whether or not our bride and groom for the upcoming Castle – Beckett wedding want to have a band or a DJ play at the reception. Both have their advantages, and we also think that each character has their own solid argument as to why each one is better. The two parties debate it in the video below (first posted by TVLine), and we are here to present our take.

First, we turn to Nathan Fillion’s character, who argues that one of the real benefits to getting an actual band at the wedding is that it enables there to be much more of a grand experience. However, Stana Katic’s character argues that she really would prefer the authenticity of hearing Frank Sinatra’s voice on a recording (which comes via a DJ) much more so than any band that could potentially butcher what she personally believes to be their song.

That in turn brings up another important question: Whether or not these two actually have a song at all. Prior to Beckett bringing up Sinatra, Rick was convinced that their song was “Dancing in the Dark” based on something that happened with them in the past. This opens up an entire other can of worms (and a particularly funny one), which is something that we hope is discussed and played around with for the rest of this episode.

What do you think about this video, and if you were in the shoes of Castle and Beckett, which one of these would you prefer? Let us know your thoughts below! Also, click here to see some other videos related to this episode! Also if you want even more TV news sent your way then be sure to sign up for out weekly TV newsletter.

Photo: ABC

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