‘The Amazing Race 24’ team spotlight: Will Joey & Meghan subscribe to winning formula?

Joey -The barrage of “Amazing Race 22″ contestants on the upcoming 24th season continues today with Joey & Meghan, the latest pair to be featured in our spotlight series. Are they worthy choices to come back? To an extent, we feel like they are since they are reasonably strong, fairly entertaining, and have a following on YouTube who would be interested in checking them out again here.

So while we are glad to see Team YouTube back, we will admit that we would have preferred to see one or two of the other teams from their season replaced. That way, their return would feel a little bit more significant; as it is, we feel like we are just seeing part of season 22 (which was ironically not the show’s best) all over again.

Names – Joseph “Joey” Graceffa and Meghan Camarena

“Amazing Race” history – Finished in fifth place in season 22, one place above fellow All-Star team Caroline & Jennifer.

Claim to fame – Being loud, energetic, and wearing some very brightly-colored clothing, these two made an effort to both run the race hard and have fun at the same time. Still, the moment from their season that we best remember was watching Joey completely flip out in Africa, upon learning that he had to briefly put a scorpion in his mouth.

Strengths – The two are in decent shape, and in being friends, Joey & Meghan may be spared of some of the more vigorous arguments that some of the other teams face. As people who also work in front of the camera, their experience with production may also help to make those matters taken care of efficiently. This is important, given that “The Amazing Race” is a television show first and foremost. There is not necessarily anything that they are particularly strong at, but nothing that makes them extremely weak making them a fairly well rounded team.

Weaknesses – As we saw last time, there are occasions when the two are not necessarily the most assertive team, and also tend to be affected by adversity in some ways. While these two may have no problem diving off a building, we don’t think they could handle eating weird food or dealing with other extremely creepy things. While they don’t fight with each other too often, they do have a tendency to get a little flustered.

Prediction – We debated on Joey & Meghan more than most other teams this season. There are probably around six or seven teams who we feel could actually win this season, and they are on that list. However, we feel like they are probably at the bottom of that list. They don’t necessarily make a ton of mistakes, but we just don’t feel like they’re as strong as some of the others teams. This is why they have a good chance of making it to the finale, but it would take a little bit of luck at this point if they were going to win.

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Photo: CBS

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