‘The Bachelor’ rankings: Nikki Ferrell, Sharleen Joynt, Clare Crawley, and Juan Pablo Galavis

Nikki -No matter how you look at it, “The Bachelor” seems to really be a tale of three ladies when it comes to Juan Pablo Galavis. All three are pretty different when it comes to their jobs, their personalities, and even their locations. You have a woman who has spent a good portion of her life outside of America, a nurse who doubles as a model (and does this way more than the show has presented so far), and also woman from the west coast with a pretty emotional story.

Yes, there are three other women still in the competition, and we’ve tried to differentiate between them when it comes to screen time, edit, and just how much chemistry they really seem to have when it comes to our leading man.

6. Chelsie Webster (last week: 8) – Chelsie had to know while she was on the show at this point that she was on borrowed time. Her relationship with Juan Pablo just isn’t where it is with some of the other ladies, and that’s a problem when you are right before family visits.

5. Renee Oteri (3) – Yes, it is nice and respectful to take it slow with Renee given that she has a child watching, but when you are taking it slow versus some of the other women getting a more passionate relationship, you know that there is a problem. Juan Pablo probably just doesn’t see the same level of relationship here, and the lack of movement this past episode solidifies that.

4. Andi Dorfman (5) – Andi’s one-on-one date this past episode showed that she is a contender still to win in the end, but to get a date this late in the game typically means that you’re not necessarily a favorite. Catherine Giudici is much more of the exception rather than a rule. Typically, you want to be a woman who gets a date at some point within the first three episodes.

3. Sharleen Joynt (2) – We feel like she is probably either #1 or #2 to Juan Pablo, but let’s face it: She is likely going to leave Monday night after threatening to do so a number of times this season. She could also be a contender in the race to be “The Bachelorette,” which may also count Andi, Clare, or Chelsie as candidates. (We cannot see a single parent for the second straight season, and Nikki’s not likable enough.)

2. Clare Crawley (3) – Now that she has gotten through her chat with Juan Pablo over ocean-gate (even if it was a chat that did not necessarily make a ton of sense), she has to be considered a contender on some level again. She gets along well with Juan Pablo, there’s a physical connection, and she seems to care about him so much that she is even willing to look past some of the things that he does that make little sense at all.

1. Nikki Ferrell (1) – For the second straight week, Nikki is tops thanks yet again to her lack of drama with Juan Pablo. Still, though, this season feels a lot like Jake Pavelka’s in that you have a single parent left, a woman who could potentially leave, and a woman who is disliked by most of the others who is a favorite to win.

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Photo: ABC

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