‘House of Lies’ season 3, episode 5 preview: Don Cheadle and a launch party

House of Lies -House of Lies” has definitely done many a crazy episode before, but they have some especially crazy things planned for their new episode airing on Showtime set n Sunday night. The setting for it is going to be a launch party that may actually end up shaping the entire future of Marty Kaan’s dealings with DollaHyde.

Of course, the entire irony about this episode is that this launch party is, in the words of Don Cheadle’s character in the sneak peek below, a “Trojan horse.” It’s designed to distract Lukas, and make him think that this new shoe collection that he is working on is actually a big deal. Instead, it’s nothing, and Marty has devised the whole plan to cut him out of the business, and ensure that his history with dealing some pretty illegal substances in no way touches the delicate operation that he has created.

Is this actually going to work out for him like he’s hoping? Well, he better hope so, since given Lukas’ past dealings and the people he spends time with, he is not the sort of guy that you want to make angry. While Marty may be very smart, intelligent, and very shrewd, one thing that he is in not is capable of holding his own in a fight. So going into the rest of this episode, he should have two goals:

1. Making sure he doesn’t say anything dumb.

2. Also ensuring that none of his associates say anything dumb. Given what some of them have done in the past, that may end up being the much larger challenge.

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Photo: Showtime

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