‘Doctor Who’ season 8 spoilers: Could Matt Smith really return in some form?

Doctor Who -Even though we are still trying to get a grasp on the idea of “Doctor Who” without Matt Smith in it in some form, the rumor mill is still buzzing with conversation about whether or not he could really be have some sort of role in the upcoming eighth season … even if it is just a minor one.

According to a new report from the Daily Mirror, there is a small possibility that you could end up at least hearing a recording from the 11th Doctor in the upcoming season, and there are “talks” between Smith and executive producer Steven Moffat about it. The context would be that #11 would have recorded something in advance for Clara, in the event that he ended up regenerating and she was having a hard time dealing with the new “man” that was in the place of him. It’s at least a logical reason for a return, and something we could see.

While we personally loved and had no problem with the way in which Smith regenerated into Capaldi, we understand out there that there are also some who felt like it lacked the same fervor that David Tennant had. While this little vocal cameo could work, our primary fear is that you do something that in turn makes it feel like Smith hasn’t left him. We loved his performance, but sometimes distance only makes the heart grow fonder.

What do you think about having Matt Smith be involved in this next season in any form, even if it is just a brief little audio recording cameo? Share some of your thoughts below, and also hit up the link here if you want to snag some more updates on what Smith had to say from his appearance at Wizard World New Orleans.

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Photo: BBC

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