‘Survivor: Cagayan’ castaway spotlight: Is Cliff Robinson a slam dunk to go far?

Survivor -We know that there are some people out there who really do not like seeing people on “Survivor” who have found fame somewhere else, and we always wonder why these people get so upset. We realize that they are taking a place away from someone else, but why shouldn’t someone like Cliff Robinson get an opportunity? It’s not like he is getting an extra advantage so that we can win, and we also don’t feel like he is really going to be that big of a ratings draw.

With all of this being said, you really cannot forget about who Cliff is when it comes to his game. He claims that he will try not to say who he is, but we imagine that’s going to be hard on him. He’s not like Gary Hogeboom, who wore a helmet during his career. Everyone saw his face, and being 6’10” will make it impossible for him to blend in.

Name – Cliff Robinson

Age – 46

Location – Franklin Lakes, New Jersey per the video below (which we know mostly because of the people in “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” we are very sorry to say); however, his bio says Buffalo, New York.

Occupation – Former NBA All-Star, who played for the Portland Trail Blazers, Phoenix Suns, Detroit Pistons, Golden State Warriors and New Jersey Nets. He was known throughout his career as “Uncle Cliffy.”

Tribe – Aparri, otherwise known as the Brawn Tribe.

What he brings to the game – He has a pretty casual air about him despite him doing what he does for a living, which is somewhat surprising. We know that he is going to be athletic, and he seems like the sort of guy who is going to fascinate and interest the rest of his tribe with stories. While we don’t know if he is going to be the mastermind behind many strategic moves, he seems like a nice person to have in your alliance who will probably be loyal to you. Plus, take him to the end! It’ll be hard for a jury to justify giving him even more money.

What could hurt him – For one, his size. It takes so many more resources to get a guy this big up and at them; just look at the toll the conditions took on Shamar, Osten, Steve Wright, or even sometimes James Clement. Not only is he going to require a ton of food to get going, but that’s a big body in the shelter. You would think that these things don’t matter, but they could early in the game when you’re looking for a reason to get rid of someone. Also, we don’t really know if Cliff is going to be the sort of guy who comes out and tries to trick or deceive anyone.

Past “Survivor” comparison – Cliff claims that he is like Boston Rob, but his strategy is actually more like either Gary or another athlete on the show in Jeff Kent. Combine maybe Jeff with the sort of everyman quality of like a Terry Deitz, and you have Cliff’s overall demeanor.

Prediction – Cliff may survive a vote or two, but he’s not someone that a tribe full of athletes really needs. If these people were strategic players, they’d keep him around thinking that they could beat him in the end. We just don’t feel like that’s going to happen. We’ll be surprised if he is still around come the merge.

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Photo: CBS

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