‘The Amazing Race 24’ team spotlight: Will Jessica & John move past a cursed Express Pass?

Amazing Race -Every season or two on “The Amazing Race,” you run into a team that you feel in theory before the season starts will do very well, and then just one or two little things happen to slowly start to take things off of the rials a little bit. When it comes to season 22, that team was John & Jessica. At first, it felt like these two were destined to go all the way to the end of the race; and then, the Express Pass came along and created one of the most bizarre (but weirdly entertaining) meltdowns in the history of the show.

Is there any way for these two to recover and turn things around this spring? That is what we are here to figure out in our latest team spotlight! The one thing that these two can hang their hat on is that even if they are the first team to leave the competition, they still won’t have anything that happens to them that is so potentially embarrassing.

Names – Jessica Hoel and John Erck

“Amazing Race” history – 9th place in season 22, one spot behind Dave & Connor. (Translation? They went out before a guy who was basically racing with one leg at the time … and who they gave an Express Pass to.)

Claim to fame – Clearly, what we just said earlier. We actually feel like the Express Pass may be the reason that they are on the show again, and therefore a blessing in disguise. Unless they had won this past season, this may not have turned out better for them any other way.

Strengths – Easily, athleticism first and foremost. These two are two of the most physically fit people on the entire cast, and they also have a vibe in the video below that suggests that they have really learned how to harness some of that energy better. They are smart people, and they’ve realized that their root of their mistakes last time come from not being careful enough. Therefore, they’ve come up with a strategy to be more cautious, and make sure that they are making right decisions.

Weaknesses – It’s always possible that they make another huge blunder, given that they’ve done it once already. They claim that it won’t happen again and they would use an Express Pass right away if they are given it, but there are some other catastrophic mistakes that they can make. Also, John can get a little intense sometimes, and the general feeling was that there were some teams on their season who were not his biggest fan. That could be an issue come U-Turn time.

Prediction – Personally, we feel like these two are going to do really well this time around. These sort of young, fit male / female teams are great for the modern race, since each person has strengths that they bring to the table. Also, the most random team / person cast on an all-star season typically manages to be around near the end. Remember that Eric & Danielle won the first All-Stars, and Amber won “Survivor: All-Stars.” The people under the radar can often float by for a while unnoticed.

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Photo: CBS

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