‘American Idol XIII’ review: Did Kenzie Hall, Savion Wright, and Majesty Rose make top 30?

The logo -American Idol” brought us another big show Thursday night, and suffice it to say, the results were definitely interesting. There were some people who deserved to be put through who weren’t, questionable choices, and also AWESOME choices. Candice Glover also has a reason to smile, given all the promo that she got for “Cried” during the episode.

As we did on Wednesday night, what we’re going to do here is share the artists who are actually advancing to the next round, mostly because it would otherwise be far too difficult to keep track of. There is one major exception, but we’ll get to that a little later.

CJ Harris – Remember that tense “decision” last night? Basically, we had a cliffhanger that really did not mean much of a cliffhanger at all. Both CJ and his buddy Casey advanced.

Casey Thrasher – Just copy and paste what we said above.

Marialle Sellars – After getting the world’s greatest edit in the auditions, she actually came across a little bit awkward and defeatist at times during this. Also, the 17-year old Miley sort-of-look-a-like singing “Wrecking Ball” was a little on the nose … even if she is good.

Jena Asciutto – We would change the spelling of her first name if we were Jena, mostly because everyone keeps calling her “Jenna” rather than what is basically “Gina.”

Caleb Johnson – This guy does border a little bit on self-parody at times, mostly because he is so completely over-the-top with his style. But, his voice is really great! With the right songs, he could come across as a little more relevant.

Ethan Harris – The only concern that we have with Ethan, and the top 15 guys, is that there is a ton of country music in the group.  Somebody’s either going to get last, or we’re going to have a repeat of that countrified season 10.

Majesty Rose – The only thing that Majesty has to make sure of is that she doesn’t let her considerable talent ultimately cause her to not put the right amount of focus into remembering the words. Her “Stars” was a mess … but her “Violet Hill” is still our favorite performance of this season.

Briston Maroney – He seems like a super-nice kid, but that’s the thing we worry about with him: He’s just a kid. The big thing that we’re going to be focusing on here is just figuring out if he was really the best choice for the competition now.

Brandy Neelly – Awesome performance tonight, and the best female country singer on this season by a mile. She’s got a history to go along with it.

Briana Oakley – Speaking of history, Briana has also been a part of the show before, but this is the first time that she has made it to this stage. Another awesome performance tonight.

Kenzie Hall – We’re thrilled about this one! She’s not perfect and she has a habit of overly pronouncing some of her lyrics, but there is a ton of originality in here … and that means something.

Austin Wolfe – Should you be surprised by this one? Not really, even if she did perform “Radioactive” twice over the course of her audition process.

Okay we’re going to spend a minute or two ranting about Savion Wright. As mad as we were over David Oliver Willis, we were furious by this one. Mostly because this guy has literally been through hell with his brother dying not long before Hollywood Week, and then having to do this so quickly. Episode Grade: B-

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