‘Teen Wolf’ season 3 spoilers: Tyler Posey on Stiles’ dark descent

Teen Wolf -Teen Wolf” has certainly been giving us a very different sort of flavor than we are accustomed to on the show as of late, but we have to say that we really don’t mind that much. While Tyler Posey is typically the lead on the show, he has gamely allowed Dylan O’Brien to grab some of the juiciest material this time around as Stiles, who has undergone a pretty dark transformations.

Just in this past episode, for example, Stiles started to realize that he really was his own worst enemy, and the person hidden underneath all of those layers of grotesque bandaging. Is this reveal going to lead to some more terrible stuff for the character? It’s possible, but don’t assume because of any of this that Stiles is necessarily now the Big Bad for the rest of season 3. Posey instead offers us the following explanation during a chat with E! News on the subject:

“The ninjas are definitely the main villains of the season … You’ll definitely see [him] go more in the direction that you can already see him going in. Of course, It’s Teen Wolf, so we’re going to pop up with a couple of different villains in there, so there’s no shortage of evilness to come.”

So long as they balance out the evilness and continue to keep the focus by and large on the characters, it is pretty easy to be thrilled with what we are seeing here. After all, this is a very different sort of flavor for “Teen Wolf” than we are accustomed to. Typically at this point, the stories are more geared around some enormous battle at every turn, but we haven’t quite gotten that this time. Instead, the story is more psychological.

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Photo: MTV

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