‘Pretty Little Liars’ season 4, episode 19 review: Does Aria know Ezra is ‘A’?

Liars -The big noir episode of “Pretty Little Liars” has been teased for quite some time, but on Tuesday night with great fanfare, the episode finally came on the air. Did it live up to expectations? We imagine that much of that is going to have to do with if you were down with seeing so much of it done in a noir style.

This choice was definitely controversial at best, since it completely altered and shaped the tone of the show into something that it has never quite been before. The dialogue was subdued, the music blaring, and the camera work more in line with the classic style of cinema. It was definitely cool to watch, but the way in which characters expressed emotion was far and away different.

The other real issue that came into this story was just how much of this we were really supposed to interpret as valuable, and how much of it was just a product of Spencer’s imagination. In the end, the “noir scenes” were seemingly just manifestations of Amber’s mind, but it did help her to decipher a key clue when it comes to the “A” investigation. Thanks to this, Spencer was able to figure out that Ezra was well aware of just what they know. That’s a big revelation for the rest of the series, since it changes the way in which the Liars go about telling Aria, and moving forward. The unfortunate thing? She is now with him again, and they know about it. This cannot end well for anyone…

In the end, we enjoyed this episode for what it was: A clever way to shoot something in a style that pays homage to a time that the writers and producers clearly loved. But, when you really think about it, we spent an hour tonight focusing on something that could have been figured out in four or five minutes on a standard episode. Grade: B.

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