‘The Bachelor’ review: Did Clare Crawley, Nikki Ferrell remain Juan Pablo Galavis favorites?

Clare -New Zealand was the setting for Monday night’s “The Bachelor,” and the only thing that we could really think about while most of that “Hobbit”-themed group date was going on was if this was really a Peter Jackson film, all of that would have been three times longer.

This entire episode was mostly just another installment in the series known as “Juan Pablo Galavis and his questionable decisions.” There are many things that this guy does that doesn’t make sense. For example, him continuing to pour affection on Sharleen Joynt, a woman whose interest in him has been more or less marginal at best. Then, there was him deciding to send home Cassandra Ferguson so that she could be with her kid … after flying her out to New Zealand. If he knew that she wasn’t right for her, why not send her home sooner?

Then, there was the discussion with Clare Crawley, which was more “Clare and her questionable decisions.” Did Juan Pablo really do that good of a job justifying his odd behavior? Not really, and it felt like Clare let him off the hook easy. Maybe that’s a product of just being on this show, where you go through so many hard things week in and week out.

As for right now, Clare, Sharleen, and Nikki Ferrell have to be the odds-on favorites, even if he did have some sort of steamy kissing session with Andi Dorfman early on that was basically the same thing that he did with Clare last week. No problem with that, though! This entire season is so ridiculous, and there are times when Juan Pablo acts just as confused as we are.

The only thing that really made sense in all of this? The Rose Ceremony. How did Kat Hurd not see this coming? She was pretty much the only woman that didn’t kiss Juan Pablo, and her rejection face was almost akin to her wanting to smash something. (It was the opposite of that face from the Olympics earlier this weekend.)

All in all, a crazy episode in yet another crazy season. There is a marginal amount of entertainment in here with the ladies … but not liking Juan Pablo really hurts. Grade: C-.

What did you think about Monday night’s “Bachelor” episode? Share your thoughts below, and also hit up the link here to see where we ranked most of these contestants prior to this episode.

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