‘Pretty Little Liars’ season 4, episode 19 video: A very different look for Ashley Benson’s Hanna

Liars -Before we get to tomorrow night’s pretty-historic episode of “Pretty Little Liars,” why not share one more sneak peek? This time around, the focus is on Ashley Benson’s character of Hanna (pictured to the left here), and actually shows off more of the black-and-white style than we have seen recently.

Unfortunately, there is really not too much that you can take from this clip when it comes to getting spoilers, or what is really going to be coming up around the bend. Instead, this is a video of Hanna, sporting attire and even an attitude best suited for a film noir. It’s a fun little tease at what the black-and-white portion of this episode could be like.

When it comes to the actual story of the episode, the biggest thing that we can say right now is that there is a reason for this experiment to roll out right now. Everyone who watches and loves the show knows that Aria is a fan of film noir, and this is an homage to that. She also watches them with Ezra … and we know that things are about to go south when it comes to her relationship with him. Either this stylized storytelling is going to help to soften the blow in some way, or end up making things so much worse than they would have been originally.

What do you think about this sneak peek, and does this make you all the more excited to see the rest of “Pretty Little Liars” this season? Share below, and also visit the link here to see some more video clips with other highlights. You can catch some TV highlights in general if you subscribe to our CarterMatt Newsletter, as new editions come out every Sunday!

Photo: ABC Family

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