‘The Voice’ UK review: Jade Mayjean Peters, Max Murphy, Femi Santiago rule auditions

“The Voice” UK returned again Saturday with yet another blind audition, and one that had some of our favorite contestants over the course of the entire season. Were there still some that we’ll forget about tomorrow? Sure, but we have been begging for some stars almost all season long, and we feel like there are at least some that are capable of that here.

As per always with the rest of the contestants this season, we’ve organized our opinions on the performances based on the team … if they got a team at all.

Team Kylie Minogue

Steven Alexander – The best part about this audition? Seeing Kylie Minogue’s dance moves, which were completely goofy and kind of hilarious. His voice was solid, but we feel like his story, being related to a former member of a “Voice” duo, overshadows some parts of him.

Joe Keegan – The Irish dancer with a great rock voice. Who saw this one coming? Easily, one of our favorites both when it comes to performance and also personality. He should also be a nice fit for Kylie’s team.

Jade Mayjean Peters – Jade may be the closest thing that the show has seen to someone ready to be a star now. She’s a singer, a performer, and a little bit controversial. There will probably be some people who don’t like her right away, but there’ll also be many who are fascinated with her. We don’t quite know why she dressed like it was the Academy Awards, but still.

Team Ricky Wilson

Chris Royal – We talked about Chris in our review for this episode, and he is one of our favorites of this entire round. Are there a few too many runs when he sings? Probably, but this feels like something that can be corrected in time, and that is something that singing shows tend to embrace a little bit more than they should.

Max Murphy – We would have thrown a fit if this guy didn’t get a chair to turn, and he almost didn’t. His voice sounds almost like a perfect combination of Jim Morrison and also Brandon Flowers, and is completely unique for the show. There are only so many songs that he could do, but for the time being, he is a personal favorite.

Team Tom Jones

Elesha Paul Moses – Meanwhile, we had an auditioning contestant who was actually a part of a group the last time that we saw her, and she actually got a chair turned. We personally feel like if you’ve gotten a chair to turn, you shouldn’t come back regardless of where you finish. But, that is just our opinion on it.

Team willi.iam

James Byron – A very interesting audition, though we wonder how great James feels that Will largely turned because he thought that he was a woman. Still, there is something about him that is captivating, and we are very interesting in seeing what he does next.

Femi Santiago – The last audition of the night, and a pretty emotional one. A guy who had been through a lot, and someone else who Will came waiting until the last minute.

No Team

Nick Dixon – This may be the saddest thing that we’ve seen on the show. Typically when they show repeat contestants, they get through the second time. But not Nick, sadly. If he comes back again next year and finally gets through, it may be the happiest moment ever. He’s not an amazing singer and that is probably what hurts him … even if he is a pretty nice guy.

Fiona Kelly – Poor Fiona. She had an operatic voice, but this just isn’t the show for opera really. She would be better suited for an audition on “Britain’s Got Talent,” where a different variety of genres are typically much more appreciated. Nobody really wants to take the rest on an unknown here.

Lucy Winter – Her voice was a little bit too intense, and you felt just how badly she wanted to be there … perhaps even too badly at times. Those vocal bumps in the road were so much more noticeable thanks to the amount of energy and power that she was putting into this performance.

What did you think about this episode, and who are your favorites this time around? Share below.

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