‘King of the Nerds’ episode 3 podcast with Jessa: LARPing and lots of luck

Kind of the Nerds -Just as with last week, “King of the Nerds” provided what was clearly a massive amount of conversation topics on Thursday night. We had the elimination of Mary Kate Smith, Zachary Storch continuing at times to be the Joker of this competition, and also a controversial Nerd-Off that only had a certain amount of skill in it. Also, there was LARPing … and everyone should like LARPing. If you don’t, we feel suddenly very sad.

So for this edition of the podcast (our third so far), Matt Carter and fellow CarterMatt Co-Founder Jessa go through everything that happened, and also go off on some various rants about the at-times excessive product placement for the show and whether or not the Titans of Rigel are now just destined to run the table based on the skills and qualifications of the members of their team.

Near the end of the podcast, we also talk about who some of the strongest players in the game are, and who could be in danger very soon.

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