‘The Walking Dead’ season 4 spoilers: Rising from the dead (in a different way)

More news -Is the story really over for one of the actors on “The Walking Dead“? As it turns out, it does look like there could be a character who is dead on the show come back … and more than likely not in zombie form.

Basically, a TV Guide report helps to confirm that the story for David Morrissey and his character of The Governor is not exactly over just yet, even in spite of all of the pretty terrible stuff that we have seen him do already. So how can this guy still have a place on the show, given that he looked pretty darn dead during the midseason finale? We’ve come up with a few handy theories.

1. Flashback – Everyone knows that shows tend to love these, even if “The Walking Dead” is much more careful about it than most other shows (who force them upon us and try to be like “Lost”) are.

2. Dream sequence – Given that we already saw Lori return in something similar to this on the show in the past, isn’t it very well possible that we end up seeing something similar happen here? This is probably the most likely thing to happen, given what we do know already about the Rick character.

3. Some other unexplained phenomenon – Maybe we do see a zombie Governor, or they find another way to bring Morrisey back that does not involve putting the character onscreen?

4. Reanimation – Maybe “The Walking Dead” crosses over to “Final Fantasy,” someone gives The Governor a phoenix down, and we are forced to deal with his antics all over again. (Okay, this one is admittedly very unlikely.)

What do you think is going to come up on “The Walking Dead” the rest of the way, and why do you think we’re seeing more of The Governor? Share below, and click here if you want to find out how you can talk to Norman Reedus during Sunday night’s midseason premiere.

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Photo: AMC

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