‘The Biggest Loser’ winner Rachel Frederickson talks with ‘Today,’ but not about controversy

Rachel -The Biggest Loser” is once again coming under fire, but this time it is not necessarily for the same sort of stuff as usual. Instead, we are talking about how the latest winner of the show in Rachel Frederickson ended up losing so much weight that she has gone from being overweight to actually underweight for her body type.

Before we say anything else, there are a couple of things to keep in mind here. Rachel’s BMI was around 18, which was just slightly into underweight territory. While that is still not good, those who are insanely worried about her health right now may be a little premature. The reason that we say that is that there tends to be a “bounce back” for most winners of the show following their time on it. It’s hard to maintain the lifestyle that they teach you to do while on the ranch when you have real life and family; like so many other contestants, she will probably end up gaining a little bit of weight over the coming months.

But with that being said, isn’t it still dangerous that NBC and the producers create a situation where it is in a way encouraged to lose as much as possible in order to win? Imagine if a contestant dropped more than 60% of their body weight, and had a BMI even lower. At a certain point, there has to be a balance that is taken in making sure that the nature of the competition and the drive to win does not actually conflict with your healthy lifestyle.

Also, we’re of course bummed at “Today” for their complete cupcake questions on the subject. While we don’t think that Rachel should have been grilled on the topic, it may have at least been a good move to address it rather than ignoring talk that is obviously out there.

Do you think the nature of this win is going to cause “The Biggest Loser” to alter the way they look at things in any way? Share your thoughts below, and also be sure to click here if you want to read our full review of the finale.

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