Ratings: ‘Dads’ beats ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine,’ even after Super Bowl

The latest -Here is something that almost no one probably bet on after the Super Bowl ratings came in for “New Girl” and “Brooklyn Nine-Nine“: The latter show lost in the ratings to something that has been a punching bag for critics around the country since the premiere.

In something that is sure to make our frequent podcast collaborator Jason Prager very happy, “Dads” actually posted a 1.5 rating in the 18-49 demographic where as we saw a 1.4 from “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” despite the latter getting a huge bump for the Super Bowl. What we have really learned about this, coupled with the performance of “Elementary” last year, is that you really cannot put something reasonably new on after the big game and expect it to perform well. You are better off with a property like “The Voice,” Friends,” or “Survivor,” which you already know has a substantial amount of viewers who are going to want to watch. The only real exception to that was “Undercover Boss,” and that was perfect for the game’s demographic.

Could we actually see “Dads” getting another season? Here is the funny thing about it; it repeats extremely well, better even than any of the other new comedies on the network; while you may not like it and find its jokes offensive, it is clearly resonating with some people out there. “The Mindy Project” ratings-wise has been the weak link lately in the Fox lineup, at least if you are looking alone at live viewers. What may be hurting “Dads” and helping the other shows is that they all have more of a passionate following, and people willing to watch them online or record them via DVR.

“Dads” will be ending its first season soon, but what do you think? Is it possible that this show could get another season? Share below, and also be sure to click here to find out how to get some more updates on all things TV sent straight to your email.

Photo: Fox

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