‘Opposite Worlds’ review: Did Team Chronos finally go to the past?

Opposite Worlds -On tonight’s new episode of “Opposite Worlds,” there was quite a bit of business to attend to. We had yet another worldly challenge, and we also found out just what America thinks about everyone who is still a part of the game. There wasn’t really anything new or revolutionary about what we saw this time around, but it was still very entertaining.

We’ll go ahead and start with the challenge, since it was somewhat refreshing to have something that was completely turn-based. This was at least something communication-based that leveled the playing field, and didn’t make it just that Chronos was going to completely steamroll Epoch for the third straight week. Unfortunately, it still produced the same result. We don’t really mind things being so predictable, but mostly just because this is no guarantee that the eliminations on the show are going to be a member of Epoch. Also, Chronos hilariously debated sending themselves to the past … which would have been a pretty terrible move for them to make, since we would’ve voted against them just because it would have been funny.

After this predictable results came another predictable one: Lauren was the most popular player, and Jesse was the least popular. Lauren and Sam went over for a day of pampering, while in the episode’s best bit of comedy, Jesse and Frank had to clean up the people in the past. The irony with this vote is that we feel people are going to actually feel sorry for Jesse after this, and this may help the team in the future.

In the end, Epoch picked Samm to be their Protected, while Chronos went with Danielle. This was a pretty smart move on their part, given that she is the most-popular person of her group based on averages. With this being said, do we think that they actually have any chance? Hardly. This will probably be a closer vote, but the underdogs should still win.

We are enjoying “Opposite Worlds” despite its predictable structure, but we do have to throw at least a little bit of side-eye at Chronos for trying to target Frank next. Personally, we’d go with some of the weaker opponents given that you have already learned that the Duel of Destiny will be somewhat physical … but that’s just us. Grade: B+.

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Photo: Syfy

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