‘House of Cards’ season 3 already official; show renewed before season 2 premiere

The latest -Obviously, Netflix is figuring out that they really like what they are seeing from “House of Cards.” As a matter of fact, they are showing a willingness to bring the show back for another season without the second go-around even being made available for streaming customers yet.

Netflix made the big decision official today, giving Kevin Spacey and company a green light on another batch of new episodes. Production on them is even slated to begin pretty soon. The only real surprise in here is that the original suggestions were that this was meant only to be a two-season series, but we’re sure that started to change when Netflix and the creative team behind the show saw both the numbers, and also the popularity that the show had with various awards season voters.

The new season (which you can watch a teaser for at this link) will premiere with all of its new episodes on February 14, which basically means that a good many people out there are going to have something else to do on Valentine’s Day that is not of the romantic variety. This was the first original series that Netflix really used to put themselves on the map, and it is also the first to use that much-discussed model of allowing viewers to dictate when they want to watch a show. The benefit to that has been the utmost of convenience; but at the same time, that has also made it very difficult from a community perspective to discuss things as they happen. You almost have to force yourself on a schedule with your friends if you want to make sure that you are burning through them at the same time. (Yes, we are well aware that these are total #FirstWorldProblems, but still.)

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Photo: Netflix

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