Super Bowl commercials: Microsoft, Doritos, and John Krasinski for Esurance

Super Bowl -Before we say goodbye to Super Bowl XLVIII for good, we do want to give you  a few quick-hits about some of the other highlights of the big game (i.e. the commercials, since the game was a blowout) that we have not addressed already. The following three ads are all very entertaining, and deserving of at least a little bit attention even if they got somewhat lost in the shuffle for us in the midst of all of the other stuff that happened over the course of the night.

In addition to all of the individual ads, we’ve also got grades for each one of them to go along with it. This is, after all, what we’ve been doing all night.

Doritos – This was pretty cheesy, but at the same time, so are Doritos. We will at least give the chip company a little bit of credit for continuing to use suggestions from the people rather than just hiring big ad agencies all of the time. Grade: B-.

Esurance – This ad is extremely time based when it comes to what it is advertising, but there is another thing here worth mentioning: John Krasinski. Oh, how we’ve missed him on TV since “The Office” ended. Grade: B-.

Microsoft – An extremely cool ad that is part inspirational, part high-concept, and completely beautiful. One of the best ads overall of the entire big game; while we wouldn’t watch it a million times or anything, the feeling of watching it the first time is something that cannot be replicated. Grade: A.

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Photo: NFL

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