Super Bowl (banned?) commercials: See Scarlett Johansson’s controversial SodaStream ad

Scarlett -There are Super Bowl commercials … and there are some that are so controversial that they are censored. This is apparently what happened with Scarlett Johansson’s ad for SodaStream, which has been in hot water for a variety of different reasons.

We’re not going to go through some of the good and bad when it comes to this ad, mostly because it is not actually being shown during the big game. But what is the real reason for it being “banned”? There are a couple of different theories regarding that. One of the biggest ones? That Johansson disses both Coke and Pepsi near the end of the ad, and this is a big problem when you consider that the latter is sponsoring the Super Bowl halftime show.

But what is an even bigger issue when you think about this ad is that SodaStream’s parent company has been in hot water courtesy of their role in the Middle East, where the company’s headquarters are in a disputed part of the West Bank. There are a number of controversial issues that continue to be debated about here, and many of those are such that we will leave them to you in the comments below.

When it comes to getting a brand ambassador, though, we understand why SodaStream went after Scarlett. She is one of the most popular actresses in the industry; she has her role in “The Avengers” that keeps her in the spotlight, and then she has an opportunity to do a number of other projects.

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Photo: SodaStream

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