‘Puppy Bowl X 2014’: Who is the top dog, Keyboard Cat and penguin cheerleaders

Puppy Bowl -As many of you Puppy Bowl fans have realized, unless you have Animal Planet, finding a way to watch this year’s big game is near impossible (as we noted in the article here, many sites are claiming to have the “live stream” but really it’s just the behind the scenes cam and not actually “Puppy Bowl X”.) So we are here to give you our predictions on which five dogs will come out on top this year and who will likely be benched for playing dirty or yelling at the refs. (note: These are just our predictions and not which dogs necessarily made the biggest moves.)

5. Pong – Havenese Mix: She is in our top five for a few reasons… She is named after a classic video game, she’s totally adorable and she looks just like our dog Coco Chanel Vanderwoof. She may have trouble seeing the ball through all of that hair but we always root for the underdog.

Puppy Bowl Parker4. Parker – Labrador Retriever/Husky Mix: Those big blue eyes are easily going to put the other dogs into submission and although he may have other skills at his disposal (including being a retriever) those eyes will be his biggest weapon.

3. Mila – Pitbull: We love Pitbulls, they are complete marshmallows and incredibly lovable, but they are also high energy and strong like Superman. If Mila gets that toy football, you can be sure to see her take that all the way to the end zone without trouble.

2. Mandy – Dachshund/hound Mix: with a mixed breed like this you’ve got a dog with excellent hunting skills, high energy and the attitude of a big dog. Don’t let the short legs fool you, these dogs can boogie when they have a task ahead of them.

Puppy Bowl Ginger1. “Ginger” Old English Sheepdog Mix: Our top dog this season goes to Ginger, for a few reasons. A sheepdog is not a breed we’ve seen on a show like this in the past so props for bringing in some variety! Also Sheepdogs are pretty well known for their herding skills and we could see her herding the other dogs into a corner while she steals the stuffed ball and makes a few touch downs.

As far as the dogs we could see having some trouble this year at the top of our list is Lily the Bassett Hound (as she tries not to trip over her enormous ears), Roxy the Shih Tzu/Chihuahua Mix (who may have the most attitude and find herself getting kicked off the field because of it) and Danny the Papillon Mix (who looks to scared to even get into the game.

Some of the other great highlights from the game today include a kitty halftime show, which this year includes the keyboard cat and the uber hyped appearance of the cheerleader penguins!

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Photo: Animal Planet

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