‘Psych’ season 8, episode 4 review: Who got fired, and was Woody saved?

Psych -For those of you who have felt like “Psych” season 8 has drifted a little too far off of the beaten path for the show, we imagine that you rather enjoyed most of what the show brought to your doorstep on Wednesday night. “Someone’s Got a Woody” is more than just an episode with an extremely dirty title; it was silly fun, and it established some equilibrium that we haven’t quite had on the show since the end of season 7.

For example, we saw the end of Trout and his bizarre reign of terror over the Santa Barbara Police Department. His firing was appropriate given that he has been a crazy person, and it also made a ton of sense for one simple reason: The department was effective without him. While there are a ton of people who tend to die in this town, Shawn and Gus have been super-effective at solving the murders. Why change it up?

We have to assume that this will lead eventually to the return of Chief Vick, but there is still a question regarding how the story will write in the exit of Juliet for a while. Maggie Lawson in theory should only have two more episodes left this season, which could sadly be the last one for the series as a whole.

As for the framework of the story, really the best part of it was seeing Woody actually react to being held hostage in the police station, and have to go along with a series of crazy schemes. The best one? Juliet having to pretend to be his daughter, which in turn led to all sorts of odd creepiness.

All in all, “Someone’s Got a Woody” was a pretty fun episode for the show, and at least one that got us excited for a little bit of what comes ahead. We were getting a little bit excited about what is coming up the rest of the way. Grade: B.

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