‘New Girl’ season 3, episode 14 preview: Nick, Jess, Prince, and the Super Bowl

More news -In just a matter now of two short days, “New Girl” is going to get a pretty enormous opportunity to shine courtesy of its Super Bowl episode. This is a chance to easily deliver some of the best ratings of the show’s run, and also deliver something that people will remember for quite some time.

Based on the new sneak peek video for this episode below, we at least have a feeling that this is going to deliver most of the entertainment that you would want given the buss surrounding this episode, and also the notoriety of its guest star. It is no surprise to anyone that Prince is going to be appearing at this point, but what may be a surprise is some of how he gets involved in the story.

At one point, Nick and Jess are going to find a way to show at a party hosted by him, which is interesting to us mostly in that Prince, a noted recluse, doesn’t really seem like the kind of guy who would host a bunch of parties. Understandably, both Zooey Deschanel and Jake Johnson’s characters freak out at the sight of the music icon in person, but who would have guessed that it would be Nick who was the one to freak out the most out of the two? If nothing else, that is not how we really saw this coming ahead of time.

There are likely to be some other surprises that show up once the characters also get a little bit more immersed in the party, but to its credit, the show has been able to keep some of its major plot points under wraps.

What do you think about this video below, and are you excited to actually tune in and watch this after the Super Bowl? Share some of your thoughts below, and also be sure to click here to see some more great “New Girl” coverage about this Super Bowl episode and beyond.

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Photo: Fox

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