‘The Big Bang Theory’ season 7, episode 14 review: Sheldon, James Earl Jones as the odd couple

Big Bang Theory -Who thought going into tonight’s episode of “The Big Bang Theory” that we were going to see James Earl Jones actually annoy the heck out of Sheldon? Let’s just say that this is probably one of the least-likely things that we imagined happening … and that is probably why we enjoyed this episode so much as a whole. There was a ton of silliness that we witnessed, but also some pretty great moments in what was a very nice return to the air for the show after a few weeks off.

Specifically, we want to talk about how James basically stole the show courtesy of being this rowdy, boisterous guy who loved talking about himself and “Star Wars” … in addition to giving Sheldon the night of his life. In the end, this included everything from karaoke to a visit to a certain club to even a sauna trip. Most of this was pretty funny stuff, since all Sheldon wanted was to start his own con and invite James to be a panelist. (Instead, he ended up inviting Sheldon and his friends to the con as his guests.)

If only we enjoyed the other two stories nearly as much. Bernadette, Amy, and Penny together all managed to generate some laughs, but there wasn’t anything that reinvented the wheel. The same goes for the other guys, who went on a bit of an escapade for tickets to the con that “pushed them to their limits” … but their limits were not really that wild and crazy.

In the end, “The Convention Conundrum” was a nice return for the show, and there is actually a part of it that wishes that it just all about the adventures of Sheldon and the “Star Wars” actor. Grade: B.

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Photo: CBS

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