‘Opposite Worlds’ review: When subtraction is an addition

Opposite Worlds -Is it safe to say that we are becoming addicted to “Opposite Worlds“? While there still are some flaws in the show here, we are starting to find out more and more about the various wrinkles in this complicated game that cause us to be closer and closer to hooked.

Let’s start with the fact that in this game, there are clearly some good players and some terrible players … and Wyatt was a terrible player. He was only loyal when it worked for him … which meant that he wasn’t loyal at all. Steve actually has the great makings of a player already despite being new to the game; after all, he realized that this guy was imploding, and he just sat back to watch the insanity. Wyatt being put up was the right move for Epoch from a physical standpoint, and ironically, him losing was the best thing to happen to them.

Thanks to this move, whiny Wyatt is now out of the game, and the one person not really a part of the unified group is gone. Steve is probably now the guy in the most danger, since JR for whatever reason has everyone eating out of the palm of their hands. The sad thing is that while losing Wyatt helps the team in terms of unity, they may not really have a chance to ever get a guy like Frank out of the game. With the physical nature of these challenges, we run into the big problem with this game: It’s unbalanced. A guy like Frank is going to run the table; while America may have power, they are mostly over petty things. The people in the game ultimately determine who compete.

Is there any problem facing Team Kronos moving forward? Not unless there is a twist. They may not be likable, but they are strong. What we are ultimately facing is a predictable game (for now); this is why we feel like there’s a twist coming, which could cause the teams to be rearranged at some point. Syfy has a success story here, and they want to keep it going.

For now, we’re still enjoying what we’re seeing. Grade: B+.

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Photo: Syfy

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