Super Bowl commercials: James Franco to play Rob Riggle in Ford ad

Ford -While Ford may not be the sort of company that you commonly associate with bags full of money these days, somehow they managed for the Super Bowl this year to assemble everything from James Franco to a tiger to also 90 seconds of ad space for the most expensive television event of the year.

These 90 seconds are going to air in between the coin toss and also the opening kickoff, which is when ads are slightly cheaper. But nothing about this ad screams cheap at all, since there is also another star of this commercial in Rob Riggle, who is not featured in the teaser but who will turn up for the final part of the ad when it airs during the big game. Is he a big enough selling point to create an entire commercial around? That is something that we are still trying to figure out here.

If nothing else, we will always give a car company a brief round of applause for just doing something that allows us to see something that does not have anything to do with a car driving around an open road. We’ll always appreciate that over sticking with the easy option and showing you a ton of the car.

Also, cheers for Franco for once again finding yet another thing to do that he hasn’t done before.

So far, do you like the direction that Ford is going in when it comes to Franco, the tiger, and this whole spectacle? Be sure to share some of your thoughts below! This is one of many ads that we are featuring in preparation for the big game; if you come back for the big game, then you will see that we’ll have grades for just about every one of them as they come up.  Be sure to bookmark the link here, and then come back then to see everything that will be worth your while.

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Photo: Ford

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