ABC’s ‘Scandal’ season 3 spoilers: Finally, prepare to meet Fitz and Mellie’s ‘kids’

More scoop -Well, this has certainly taken long enough, hasn’t it? Even though you may have known for quite a long time that Fitzgerald and Mellie Grant have two kids on “Scandal,” these two may as well have been ghosts for the entire run of the series. Much like the actual president on “Veep,” they were kept away from the show and out of arm’s reach for the entirety of the run … until now. (That’s the cue to start playing some of the dramatic music.)

According to a new report from TVLine, the producers behind the ABC show are currently casting the following two very-important roles to fill out this family. Based on what we have seen already, we have utterly no clue how Fitz spends any time with them at all.

Karen – A “polished” young woman who comes across being very mature despite being so young. We imagine that being born into this family could be one of the things that does this to you.

Jerry – He is 15-years old, and he is a rather quiet but also a “smart and intense” child. In case you tried to block it out of your mind (which is understandable), Jerry is the child that may actually belong to Fitz’s father thanks to that awful sequence of events with Mellie we learned about this past fall.

As for why it took the show so darn long to make these appearances happen, we like to think that Shonda Rhimes had some sort of elaborate plan for these two characters since the very beginning, and was just waiting for the perfect opportunity to introduce them into the world. She has that now that we know about Jerry’s Maury Povich-esque situation, and it wouldn’t have been nearly as dynamic for the show otherwise. (The more likely scenario would have been that they were just labeled the “boring kids” and chided by the show’s fans.)

Do you have any casting suggestions, or are you much more interested in just seeing what sort of story these two kids have in the overall tale coming up? Let us know your thoughts either way in the comment below! Also, hit up this link to see a new preview for “Scandal” that could get your heart pounding. We’ve also got a CarterMatt Newsletter that will send TV updates your way every week, and not freak you out nearly as much as this show might.

Photo: ABC

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