‘King of the Nerds’ episode 2 preview: Curtis Armstrong is REALLY secretive about upcoming theme

King of the Nerds -Here is a clue for all future “King of the Nerds” readers: Any time that we choose to go for the all-caps route when composing some sort of article, it’s often sarcastic. See above. Or, actually, see the video below, and then you’ll totally get it. For a show that is supposed to be about nerds and smart people, this is the most obvious clue of all time.

As a matter of fact, the only way that we would be surprised after watching Curtis Armstrong dance around in an Einstein outfit for a few seconds is if it turns out that the big theme for Thursday night’s episode is actually “cosplay as your favorite scientist ever.” This is one of the few occasions where “Heisenberg” days does not automatically mean “guy who sells blue meth.”

In reality, we’re most likely looking at some sort of competition about science. Okay, scratch that. We looked this up on TV Guide, and it is a competition about science. You’re not going to get Bill Nye or Mayim Bialik to appear for almost anything else.

While the exact nature of this competition will remain unclear until Thursday much in the same way as a Scooby-Doo villain waiting to be unmasked, we will say this: Out of the list of possible celebrities to appear on the show that we would faint with excitement over meeting, Bill Nye has to be in the top 3. There are very few times in which we would geek out more. Maybe Shigeru Miyamoto, but that’s about it. He’s just such an interesting, cool dude that there is absolutely nothing about him that we can be cynical about. We’re not even going to laugh at him for “Dancing with the Stars,”given that he produced the show’s most-popular viral video ever.

So just let the video below featuring Curtis wrap itself around your brain for a day or so, and then come back for our first of many contestant power rankings. It’s just one component in our “King of the Nerds” onslaught, which also includes individual episode reviews along with our podcast, which, due to popular demand and the fact that we just can’t help ourselves, will be released every Friday for the rest of the season. Want to keep track of when it comes out? The way is to either click one of the follow buttons below for our two co-hosts, or just bookmark the link here and wait around for it on Friday. Either is greatly appreciated!

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Photo: TBS

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