‘The Walking Dead’ season 4 video: Andrew Lincoln’s Rick mumbles through new trailer

Andrew Lincoln -Does anyone else feel like Rick Grimes constantly sounds like he is about to just spontaneously fall over and die? That is what we get whenever we tune in to watch the latest promotional material for “The Walking Dead.” AMC, we get it: This is a man who has been through some serious stuff. He’s lost his wife, presumably his daughter, and now he has the challenge of being stuck out in the middle of nowhere with nobody to rely on but Loose Cannon Carl. Can’t the guy win at something? He looks like he is emerging from a month-long bender where he was punched by a bouncer every night at three in the morning.

Outside of Rick and Carl, there really is not that much in this latest trailer from AMC to really grasp hold of and smile about … at least unless you just like shots of Michonne killing things. We totally get that given the character’s awesomeness, but at this point there is not really anything new that comes from that. It would be like getting excited every time Daryl Dixon loads up his crossbow, or whenever a zombie groans and looks disgusting… these things are now expected.

Basically, every single promo released by AMC right now of the new season can be summarized in the same exact way: Watching stuff die, and watching Rick and Carl wander around some lonely road where we assume Death is waiting for them. The lid is on this story is tight, and we suppose that we get it when you have someone like Michael Cudlitz waiting in the wings to pop up at some point.

One final thing that annoys us somewhat about all these videos that AMC is throwing out there? The suggestion that they are “trailers.” To us, anything over a minute long is a trailer, while anything under is a promo. This, dear friends, is a promo; a nice one, but a promo nonetheless. You can see some of these other “trailers” for the February 9 return by heading over to this link.

Anyhow, our nerd rage is over now. What do you think about this video? Do you worry about Rick’s safety, both from the zombies and from Carl’s quick-trigger finger? Sound off with anything that’s on your mind in the comment box below. You can also zombie-walk over here if you want to find out how to get more updates from us at CarterMatt via our official newsletter.

Photo: AMC

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