‘The Blacklist’ spoilers: ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ actress to be second female blacklister

The Blacklist logo any seasonWhile the procedural nature of “The Blacklist” is probably #1 on the list of things that we really don’t care about when it comes to the show, we will at least give them a little bit of credit for one thing when it comes to it: At least putting forward some sort of effort to try to make some of these killers diverse. Rather than just giving us the same sort of person over and over again as a notorious villain, we have seen a whole array of characters being hunted by Raymond Reddington.

Who is the latest person? Well, let’s just say that they have been a very different (but still crazy) sort of world. According to The Hollywood Reporter, actress Jennifer Ehle, who is set to appear in both “RoboCop” and the first edition in the “Fifty Shades of Grey” movie franchise, has been cast to play the part of the second female Blacklister since the show started. Her name is Madeline Pratt, described as some sort of fierce businesswoman who just so happens to have a history with James Spader’s character. Given that she is on the list, it is pretty easy to at least come up with the assumption that she is probably not one of the good guys.

This episode from later this season, entitled simply “Madeline Pratt,” is also going to feature an appearance from “The Good Wife” star Zach Grenier. Specifically, he is going to play the part on the show of a taxidermy store owner who is actually involved in a much more secret world of exotic antique-trading. We’re assuming that this is much darker and more interesting than it sounds on paper.

There is a new episode of “The Blacklist” airing tonight on NBC, and it has a challenge now of trying to equal some of the show’s ratings success of late. The most-recent episode posted a record in live+3 viewership, proof that people at least love this show enough to record it.

Photo: NBC

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