Could a ‘Dracula’ season 2 happen? We weigh all possibilities

Tonight on NBC, we are saying farewell to a series in ‘Dracula” that came on the network with plenty of hype. This was a retelling of one of the most-iconic stories of all time, though thrown into a European setting and with a tone that felt often very much like “Mr. Selfridge”: slower paced but with a lot of promise.

However, the ratings for this series were not exactly something that most networks would want to sink their teeth into. There are a number of shows that air on The CW that draw better numbers than “Dracula” at the moment, and also had a great deal more attention. This came after the show premiered to some pretty solid numbers, but could not really build on them moving forward. One of the reasons why the numbers fell is simply because the show did not deliver what many were expecting. Rather than it being a very intense and action-packed story, it was more of a slow-moving drama about business. At times, the vampire element of it felt secondary, which is something that “Dracula” fans would’ve known going into this story as he was never a vampire that rampaged… he was a man that had deeper passions outside of drinking blood.

Is there a chance that the show could actually come back still for a second season? The nature of it as a co-production does make it a little cheaper for NBC to produce than a number of its other shows, so this is something positive for the network to think about when it comes to a renewal. Unfortunately, there are also some other problems:

1. This series was long billed as a limited event, and probably would have only been renewed with some huge numbers.

2. Some of the cast of the show have assumed that the show was going to follow this model. Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Jessica de Gouw should have no problem at all getting some more work after this.

At this point it is best to expect tonight to be the end of the story, because while it is a less expensive project for the network to produce, the ratings aren’t high enough to more than likely keep it around.

But, let’s look at the other side of the coin here for a second. How could it get renewed? There are at least a few reasons to still have a sliver of hope.

1. It could be somewhat cost-effective since not all of the production money is on NBC.

2. It may prove to have a longer shelf life, especially if people start to hear more about the show with adjusted expectations as to what it really is.

3. Finally, NBC may not have anything else in pilot season worthy of its spot. We don’t really know if “Hannibal” is going to be able to fare any better at all.

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