‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ preview: NeNe Leakes’ lingerie party turns crazy

The latest -Are you ready for “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” to get even crazier than it has been so far this season? It feels like every season has an episode where things manage to get completely out of hand, and this is going to be the one for this go-around.

There is so much that is both hilarious and totally wrong about what is going to unfold at NeNe Leakes’ lingerie party, starting with the simple fact that there is a lingerie party in the first place. Who thought that this was going to be a good idea to have? You have people dressed up in skimpy outfits but also full makeup, and then some other people are dressed completely normally. All in all, this is the most put-on, artificial party ever that is mostly designed to look ridiculous on TV. The idea of things getting physical at an event like this is just plain laughable.

Yet, it does happen … even if it is not particularly clear as to why it is happening. For some more details on the story as a whole here,, we advise you to just check out the synopsis below:

“NeNe invites all of the couples to a sexy pajama party for a little pillow talk. However, the lighthearted frivolity turns into an unforgettable, all-out brawl, leaving relationships changed forever.”

Does this sound insane enough for you? Well, the only other thing that we can tease for the time being here is that based on what Kenya Moore is doing, she apparently thinks that finding Michael Jordan’s sperm is some sort of priority. (Obvious note: She’s not being serious when she says this!)

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Photo: Bravo


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