Savannah Guthrie tries to analyze awkward interview with Kate Gosselin, kids

The latest -While there are typically quite a few cringe-worthy moments that happen when watching “The Today Show,” we are not quire sure that we have seen as many in recent years as what we saw when Kate Gossdelin decided that it was a good idea to actually bring her twin daughters Mady and Cary on the show to talk about their experiences growing up. Basically, it was Kate talking, and her then her practically begging to have her children actually say something to validate that they were normal and not stunted at all by their reality TV fame.

Savannah Gurthrie was one of the women at the center of the story thanks to her role in doing the interview, and she told Andy Cohen on “Watch What Happens Live!” this week that ultimately, it was just as uncomfortable doing the interview as it was for people to watch at home:

“They came on, and I thought the girls had something on their minds — they wanted to get it off their chests … I kind of was sympathetic to them. It’s not easy to get on national television… They’re 13-year-old girls, so I felt bad for them.”

One other interesting moment that came out of this is that when Andy asked if Kate had ever appeared or came across as so unlikable before, Savannah asked in turn if this was the part of the show where they were supposed to Plead the Fifth. (That, in reality, comes later … but the response is still pretty telling.)

It will be interesting to us to see whether or not Kate, who was at one point a tabloid darling, really gets any more interviews anywhere moving forward … or other reality gigs. We still think that she could show up on “The Celebrity Apprentice” someday, if she and NBC are interested.

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Photo: NBC

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