The ‘King of the Nerds’ premiere podcast with Jessa: One twist to screw them all

Kind of the Nerds -Last night, “King of the Nerds” premiered on TBS … and it is fair to say that we still have quite a bit to talk about.

So to go along with our review of the season premiere last night, we’ve got a handy audio podcast today, where I (Matt Carter, Editor-in-Chief) sit down with my fellow co-creator / columnist on the site Jessa to discuss everything that happened. Was Kelsey screwed royally by what happened with the team selection? Was there any hope that she had to change her fate? Also, what did we think about the broom-themed challenge at the end? These are all topics worthy of some potential nerd-rage, and we go through all of them.

Also, we continue to break down some of the cast members beyond what we did initially with our Nerd Scale, which was for a time the governing body for how we saw some of the cast. Do we feel that some contestants are coming off more or less nerdy here than they did when we devised our not-so-humble formula? We get into it. It’s all some silly nerd fun, and we also touch on what we think of some of the celebrity guests that are coming up this season. (There may be some raving about George Takei in here; there may also be a pretty terrible impression of George Takei’s awesome voice.)

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Photo: TBS

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