‘NCIS’ season 11 spoilers: No major romance for Michael Weatherly’s Tony soon

The latest -Even though you may seen from time to time Agent DiNozzo either flirt or take about romance on “NCIS” season 11 lately, the overarching sentiment when it comes to most of it is pretty simple: It doesn’t mean anything at all. Rather than trying to rush him into a relationship in a post-Ziva world, the ultimately goal for Michael Weatherly’s character is still going to be to give him some time, and then possibly consider the prospect of romance down the road.

In his latest quote on this hotly-contentious topic to TVLine, showrunner Gary Glasberg explained that the real story long-term for Tony is to keep him single. He also explains what some of his recent flirtations are all about:

 “I don’t think his next relationship is going to happen anytime soon. Part of letting Tony be Tony and letting him be flirtatious and talk to women is that these women don’t really matter. They’re quick encounters that he’s having; it’s not Ziva. They’re not ones that count. Eventually, will there be another [great love]? Maybe.”

What we are just as curious about now when it comes to Tony is what could come next in his professional life. He is clearly very good at his job, and beyond experienced in it. Is this a time that he strives for something more? Without a romantic partner to really focus on, he could become all about his career. That’s at least one way to think about what his future the rest of the way could be like.

“NCIS” will be back in February with its next new episode, which is going to help to tie together the Parsa saga for the time being, and also show more of Delilah’s attempts at recovery after she suffered a terrible injury from the bombing.

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Photo: CBS

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