‘Sherlock’ season 3, episode 2 (PBS) preview: Martin Freeman, John Watson, and a wedding

Wedding -Did you enjoy the “Sherlock” premiere on PBS tonight? If you answer that question with a “yes,” then you should be pleased to know that your favorite sleuth has some more interesting stuff up his sleeve … even if it is a little bit different than usual.

What we are talking about with “The Sign of Three,” airing on the network next week, is that it is all about the wedding of John Watson to Mary. There are moments in here that will make you sentimental, just as there are moments in here that are romantic. What is almost as important as anything else, though, is that this episode is going to be largely emblematic of the sort of changes that Martin Freeman’s character has really made in the two years since Holmes left. Sherlock expected life to be very much the same as it once was, but he returned to learn that everything was in fact in a very different place.

Even though there is a wedding happening in this episode, that is not the only moment that you should look out for. Brace yourself for some very-entertaining scenes regarding a bachelor party, in addition to a case that is still going to unfold at some point. The episode will also feature a wonderful speech from Holmes at the reception, which may take him quite a long time to tell.

We’ll spare you our ultimate take on this episode right now if you want to remain largely spoiler-free … but if you really cannot help yourself, we suggest heading over here and reading our full review from the British airing. Or, just wait around and be pleasantly surprised! Like we did tonight, we’ll be counting down some of the best moments all over again.

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Photo: PBS / BBC

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