‘Supernatural’ season 9, episode 11 video: Misha Collins’ Castiel vs. peanut butter

One poster -One of the great joys of the first part of “Supernatural” season 9 was the opportunity to find out just what Castiel would be like as a human, and it was glorious. While we know that he is an angel and he had to go back to that at some point, there was so much good stuff to be mined from the human experience, from him dealing with poverty to hunger to having romantic feelings for someone else. All of it was great.

Now that he is back as an angel, though, there is more to be mined from him reflecting on his time as a human, and the differences between then and now. In the sneak peek below from Tuesday’s “First Born,” Misha Collins’ character debates with Sam (Jared Padalecki) about the many virtues of a peanut butter sandwich. This is something that he was absolutely addicted to as a human, and he now feels it tastes like … molecules?

Yes, that is the thing about this sneak peek: It doesn’t really tell you anything valuable at all when it comes to the story of the episode, or what is going to happen to destroy the regime in Heaven. At the same time, we really don’t care; we are hoping for a little bit of a sillier episode of the show, mostly because we’ve dealt with so much serious stuff as of late. It’s time to change things up and really do something different. In our mind, there is no other show out there as good at shaking things up as this one.

What do you think about this video: Is it funny, and do you almost miss human Castiel? Share some of your thoughts below! For more on “First Born,” including a shot of Cain, just be sure to hit up the link here. You can also sign up for our Newsletter to get

Photo: The CW

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