‘Person of Interest’ season 3, episode 13 review: ‘4C’ is all sorts of entertaining

The latest -Following the revelation last week that Reese was quitting the team on “Person of Interest” this season, it was hard to know where the story was going to be heading. Ultimately “4C” was beyond a shadow of a doubt one of the craziest, most entertaining episodes of the entire run. There were only a minimal amount screen time for the more important characters, and we also don’t know whether or not any of what we saw this week is going to really matter.

Basically, this entire story was Reese balling out of control. It started when he boarded a plane, thinking that he was really about to get his ticket to freedom. Instead, he had to save the lives of a valuable information broker / “programmer,” everyone else on the plane, and keep himself alive to boot.

Was everything that we saw here more than unbelievable? Sure. There’s no way that most of the passengers in first class would have not noticed what was going on, or that Reese would be conveniently placed with a flight attendant who was so calm under pressure. A lot of this was all about luck, and there was a little bit of skill that comes from Reese owning people for the entire run of the show and before that.

It’s hard to really even talk about this bit by bit since so little of it matters now. But, what is important is that the good guys won, the target is still alive, and Reese somehow also got the flight attendant to fall for him. The badass meter was off the charts here, and to tie it up better, he’s back with Finch and the team as his value as a life-saver is now proven. Great stuff, and the sort of standalone episode that other shows should strive for. It’s wasn’t realistic, but it was thrilling enough that we really don’t care. Grade: A-.

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