‘The Bachelor’: Chris Harrison breaks down Victoria Lima, Juan Pablo Galavis disaster

Sometimes, you don’t get much scoop from the “Bachelor” post-mortems after each episode, mostly because they can be stuffed full of the “Juan Pablo’s in love” garbage that makes cynical people cringe a little bit.

Luckily, host Chris Harrison hasn’t really done that at all this season, and has instead been a great source for some honest, natural feedback and candor about some of what went down behind the scenes. Take, for example, his new interview with TV Guide, where he explains how a warning Juan Pablo Galavis gave to some of the women actually changed the perception even further of Victoria Lima’s drunken disaster, which included her storming around the group date set and then eventually being sent home by Juan Pablo himself:

“He actually told the girls early on Night 1 that this isn’t the place to get wasted-drunk and he also doesn’t drink a lot. One thing about Juan Pablo you should know is that if he ever says, ‘Ay’ and then a name, that’s not good. So when he said, ‘Ay, Victoria,’ you knew she was toast. He’s not a partier; he’s subdued and family-oriented and not the guy who’s going to be taking tequila shots.”

One of the other wrinkles that we have seen with this story comes in the form of maturity. We say that more so than age because while older people are traditionally more mature, that is not always the case. Juan Pablo is older than most of the contestants on this season, and he’s also reasonably mature. This is probably why he has shown some favoritism so far to Sharleen Joynt and Andi Dorfman, two of the more mature, intellectual women, and he has sent most of the contestants home who have either boozed up, freaked out over little things, or tried to make the competition about themselves. (See that newscaster “interview” from last night’s episode.)

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