ABC’s ‘Revenge’ season 3, episode 12 review: Was this Emily VanCamp’s best episode yet?

Emily VanCamp has to be loving this little arc that she has been handed on “Revenge” season 3 right now, mostly because it is allowing her to play the full gamut of emotions for the Emily Thorne character. From one standpoint, you have the young woman who is suffering from amnesia in the eyes of some members of the Grayson family. Then, you also have the woman who has actually remembered everything, and is starting to figure out her next move.

The biggest surprise to us of all here is that rather than take advantage of a vulnerable Grayson family and out Daniel as the shooter, she decided instead to hold an impromptu press conference, and announce that her shooter was actually none other than … Lydia. Seriously. She had an opportunity to end everything, and she chose to go in a much different direction.

Luckily, she did have plenty of allies at her service throughout the hour. Jack and Nolan worked hand-in-hand to allow her to get some intel and communication, and Aiden’s woman on the inside was at least somewhat valuable … at least until she learned that Emily and Aiden were engaged.

While you couldn’t tell at first what part of VanCamp’s performance was genuine for Emily Thorne or fake, one part that was real was the revelation that thanks to the shooting, she couldn’t have children. This caused her to rethink the entire strategy that she had, and this was the reason why she decided to out Lydia, and cause her relationship with Aiden to quite possibly deteriorate. She decided to stay in the Hamptons to protect the people that she loved, but also destroy the people who took out her entire family.

“Endurance” was in the end quite the crazy episode, and that had its fair share of twists and turns. In the end, Aiden clearly decided that he was happy enough not being with Emily to make out with someone else, and Emily threw the gauntlet down and played up the new role that Victoria “discovered”: A not so wealthy woman trying to work her way into society. Grade: B-.

What did you think about everything that happened in this episode? Share some of your thoughts below.

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