‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ season 6, episode 11 review: Is NeNe ‘too good’ for Kandi’s play?

The latest -“The Real Housewives of Atlanta” season 6 has had some nice surprises when it comes to drama as we’ve seen people like Porsha and Kandi come into the spotlight and ladies like NeNe and Kenya fade into the background. We still love seeing NeNe and Kenya, but we love that the other ladies are coming to the forefront and getting their moment to shine.

Peter and Cynthia: When Cynthia’s sister Malorie just shows up to live at their house for two months, Peter was rightly upset that no one told him. More then that Peter is concerned that the personal problems that they have can’t really resolve with Malorie in the house. We wonder if he’s really going to go and get his own “man cave” (aka his own apartment to get away from his wife).

Kandi and Todd: Todd gets a job offer that will have him traveling the world and Kandi is afraid that because things have been tough between them (thanks to Momma Joyce) that he’s trying to get away from her. Also he’s quit her play leaving her high and dry. Kandi’s also having an interesting time with NeNe as she was asked to be in the play and she said no (claiming that she doesn’t have time). As it turns out it’s not necessarily because she’s busy it’s because NeNe thinks she’s too important to be in Kandi’s play now that she’s worked for Ryan Murphy.

The Porsha/NeNe equation: If NeNe tells Porsha that she’s not a good friend this some how equals Porsha getting a home down the street from NeNe. When Phaedra and Kenya tell NeNe that Porsha is moving down the street, NeNe starts up again with her whole “Porsha is a bad friend” speech and Porsha breaks down. We get how NeNe feels, but Porsha is really broken from this divorce and it’s hard for someone going through that to be strong for others when you’re so broken. Everyone deals with divorce differently and we can’t expect everyone to be strong and carry on right away.

The weirdest thing about this episode was when Porsha broke down and Kenya, who was not even involved in the NeNe/Porsha issues, decided not only to leave the event they were all at, but walk into traffic and start twirling in the middle of the road in front of on coming cars. Grade: D+

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Photo: Bravo

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