‘House of Lies’ season 3 premiere spoilers: Five things to expect

House of Lies -“House of Lies” season 3 returns to Showtime on Sunday night, and if you’ve missed Marty and the rest of his team, you are going to have quite a reason to be happy. We’ve already caught this episode, and while there are going to be some parts of it that will feel familiar, there are also going to be moments that will certainly feel very different. The one thing that we can say confidently? The show gets off to a great start. Having Marty be more of his own boss is a welcome change, since it adds another whole dimension to this character.

Without giving everything away about what is coming up on the premiere, take a look at a few simple scoops that should give you somewhat of an idea as to what to expect:

1. Marty’s in a new place – Now that he has the control over his own firm, priorities will have changed for Don Cheadle’s character. Surprisingly, so have the feelings of some of the people famous for working with him.

2. A combative Jeanie – Did you think that she was at times hard-nosed and ambitious in the past? Then just wait until you see just what she has up her sleeve now.

3. Lots of scene changes – You can hardly say that this is a bottle episode. Expect the story to cover a lot of ground here, and some of it will be exposition that sets up everything to come.

4. Some personal-life fun – You will get a brief update on Marty’s family, especially something new for his son that shows off all sides of his personality.

5. As for Marty and Jeanie – Let’s just say that there are some feelings there, but whether or not those feelings actually become anything is a very different thing.

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Photo: Showtime

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