‘Saturday Night Live’ re-watch: Are Jimmy Fallon, Justin Timberlake, Madonna, Barry Gibb still funny?

More news -This will be our last “Saturday Night Live” re-watch article for at least a little while, with the major reason for that being that there is not going to be another incident in the near future of us having to watch a repeat.

Luckily, the show ended its run of repeats this weekend on a high note, and with one of our favorite shows in quite a long time in this one hosted by Jimmy Fallon, and with Justin Timberlake as a musical guest. There were cameos, memorable moments, reprises of past sketches, and more; but how did it hold up in repeat viewing? The thing that you have to remember here is that sometimes, the show the second time around is not nearly as great as the first time you watch it when you are relying so much on celebrity status. Thankfully, by and large this one relied on more than just big names, and thanks to that produced something that can hopefully go down someday in the “SNL” book of legends.

Still a hit – “Celebrity Family Feud.” Even if not every impression was a win, this sketch was just simply amazing for what it managed to do: Bring so many great people in a sketch together, feature impressions, and give them some funny things to say. Plus, bonus points for NBC making fun of itself, and for Kenan Thompson finally finding an effective use for that Steve Harvey impersonation. That is something that he has been working on for far too long.

From hit to miss – “Barry Gibb Talk Show.” This has never really been that great of a sketch over the years, and this one worked mostly the first time since you never expected to see either Madonna or Gibb himself make an appearance on the show. When you knew that they were coming, they did not exactly do anything that was particularly funny.

From hit to even more of a hit – “Twin Bed.” This is somewhat silly to do, since this is basically “Still a Hit” all over again. But, the issue here is that we usually do a “From Miss To Hit” section here, but there wasn’t a big miss the first time around, and some of the good-but-not-amazing sketches like “Waking Up with Kimye” don’t really get funnier the second time. We just wanted to highlight this again since you get little new treats and jokes out of it upon repeat viewing. There’s a reason that it is one of our favorite sketches of the entire season so far.

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