‘The Bachelor’ spoilers: Is Cassandra Ferguson the next Juan Pablo Galavis meltdown?

Cassandra -On Monday night’s “The Bachelor,” we have already told you a little bit in terms of what is going to transpire when it comes to some of the one-on-one dates, and some of the drama that is going to take place when it comes to Lucy Aragon stripping down and jumping into the hot tub.

For this article, flash-forward a little bit to the cocktail party, where we are going to have an opportunity to see what may be the second major breakdown of the season after what we saw from Lauren Higginson the first night. But in this case, it may be one that Juan Pablo Galavis can relate to a little bit more. Similar to himself, contestant Cassandra Ferguson is a single mom, and is struggling with the decision that she made to leave her son and try to pursue love on a reality TV show. We didn’t see much of that explicitly from Juan Pablo during Desiree Hartsock’s “Bachelorette,” but that really means nothing at the end of the day. The feelings may have still been there and just not shown.

This is the sort of thing that Juan Pablo could theoretically coach her through, especially now that he is getting to know the woman a little bit better than he did the very first night … at least if he wants to. It may be a red flag that there are already tears and drama this early, even if the reason is justified. This could be a Tony Pieper situation 2.0, where she is sent home because Juan Pablo doesn’t feel a strong enough connection there, and he doesn’t want her to be forced away from her son longer than she has to be. How he handles this will say a lot about how he is taking on the role as Bachelor; if he keeps her, he either is really interested, unsure, or pretty unsympathetic.

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Photo: ABC

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