ABC’s ‘Revenge’ season 3, episode 12 video: A different Emily VanCamp – Madeleine Stowe scene

Take a look -What’s different about the second part of “Revenge” season 3? It’s pretty hard to know where to start in some ways, but one thing that definitely stands out is that this time around, we are not seeing the same sort of back-and-forth between Emily and Victoria … and with good reason. Thanks to Emily’s onset of amnesia, she doesn’t remember who Victoria is, let along the entire Grayson family history.

Unfortunately, there is a sort of problem here that comes with Victoria’s plan in the video below to try and hold Emily captive within the confines of her own home: It may not take that long for her to start to remember. When Emily does figure out a little bit of what is going on, do you really think that she is going to share? This at least appears to be the early stages of the plan for Emily VanCamp’s character now. She has infiltrated the family house, and she needs to figure out how she can get the information that she needs, figure out a new course of action, and then leave in one piece.

Unfortunately, this may be more difficult than it seems. The man who tried to kill her in Daniel Grayson is for one roaming free, and Victoria is going to try to take advantage of this situation to get as much information out of Emily as possible. Can you really blame her? Even she has to know that she has a tiny window of time to work with, and she has to hope to strike before Emily can strike back.

The person who is really going to be called on here is actually someone who is not featured at all in this video: Jack. He is the one that legitimately knows about what happened to Emily, and he is the one who is capable of saving her.

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Photo: ABC

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